2022 Year 5 & 6 Junior Academy

Dates:           Tuesday 15th February - 22nd March 2022

Time:            4pm to 5.30pm

Venue:          North Canterbury Netball Centre Courts.

Cost:             $70

Payment Details for Internet Banking:

ANZ Acc.no. -   01 0877 0123728 00

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The Curriculum

Each session has been developed to progressively teach the skills appropriate to children of that age and ability level.  Each session reinforces the skills of the previous session and builds on these.  In this way skill development happens across the sessions rather than through a single session.

Each session is fast paced, interesting and fun for the players. 

Children are taught the importance of warm ups and cooling down and cover movement skills, fitness, ball skills, shooting, attacking and defending. 

A modified game at the end of each session gives the children the opportunity to get some hands on practice of the skills they have learnt in the session.

Player Development 

Covid 19 Instructions
(as at 11/2/22)

This applies to all those taking part in the NCNC Player Development programmes in 2022.

If you are unwell – please stay at home and follow the Govt. guidelines.

Year 5 &6 – please enter & exit by the gate at Court 8 – you will be on Court 12

Players only on the netball Courts Please - we are limited to 100 people on the courts.  Spectators, can watch from outside the courts as this is a public space.  Please adhere to Govt. guidelines & adhere to social distancing and wear masks.

Please bring your own water bottles – no sharing

Please bring your own towel, it will be hot

Personal items to be stored in your own bag, not on the ground

Clip nails & remove jewellery before you come.  We don’t want to be sharing clippers or helping each other remove jewellery

Please sign in with your QR Code as normal

My Vaccine Pass will be checked for all those over 12yr & 3 months

Where possible please try and social distance

The toilets at the Pavilion will be open, please use hand sanitiser on the way in & the way out.  Please do not touch anything else within the pavilion.

NCNC will sanitise balls and equipment before and after use

Sanitiser is available at each group to use before and after.

The water fountain will be open for refilling drink bottles only.  Please sanitises your hands before and after you touch the fountain. 

Please ensure the bottle does not touch any part of the water fountain

Thank you – if everyone does there bit we can make netball work under CPF Red J