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NCNC Kiwi Whistlers 

These superstars umpire the Year 3 & 4 games on a Friday afternoon at Mainpower Stadium.

Kiwi Whistlers must be Year 6 at school or older.

To prepare our Kiwi Whistlers, NCNC run a 1-day workshop to learn how to umpire, and then head out to practice.

Workshop Details:
Friday 26th April 2024 - 10am to 2pm

NCNC Pavilion and Courts, Dudley Park, Church St, Rangiora.

When the season starts, each week before the games starts all the Kiwi Whistlers have a briefing with Vickie Bond and the umpire helpers to go over what they need for that day.  Each Kiwi Whistler will have an umpire helper with them, supporting them on the side line.  Once the Kiwi Whistlers become more confident the helpers will reduce to one per court, and then sometimes one helper per two courts.

WHEN: The Year 3 & 4 games start on Friday 3rd May and finish on 5th July. 

PLUS: There are two festival afternoons in Term 3 that they may be asked to assist with too.  These are on Friday 26th July and Friday 2nd August.

More info to come



We are running an extra workshop on Friday 26th April from 10am till 2pm.

This will be held at the NCNC Pavilion and Courts, Dudley Park, Church St, Rangiora.

Click on the link below to register as an umpire and select Kiwi Whistler Training - Friday 26 April 10am - 2pm