Year 9 Development

·        Must be Year 9 at School

·         Open to Female and Male Players

·         Must be registered and playing with a registered club of NCNC

·         Must be a financial member of such club and NCNC

·         Must play a minimum of 3 Grading/Competition Games prior to the tournament

·         If playing at 2 centres, must nominate NCNC as their lead centre

·         NCNC reserve the right to invite any player to trial 


Coach: Di Palmer

Charlotte MacGillivray

Brooke Clark

Luci Elliott

Madison Moir

Bridie Herriott

Lucy Stephenson

Lyla Dalkie

Mereani Drulidruli

Kiani Rapana

​​​​​​​NCNC Yr 9 PURPLE

Coach: Mega Herriott

Florence Adcock-White

Emily Dutton

Mackenzy Sherwood

Zara Chittenden

Greta Haigh

Lexi Wilson

Skylah Cooper

Layla Friedauer