Please remember this Netball is intended as a social competition!
All teams must have paid in full before the first game.

  • ALL TEAM DEFAULTS MUST BE MADE BY 3.00PM on the day of play
    PLEASE RING TO DEFAULT Phone: 0210 599 599    (Text a message if no one answers)
  • No children playing please, Year 9 (high school) and above only.  (this is for their safety as playing adults)
  • There is one umpire per court. (In some cases we have two)

  • Normal International netball rules apply to all games, with any exceptions listed below.
  • Only three males per team are permitted on court at once and only one male may play within each section:

1 Attack - 1 male in position GS or GA

1 Mid Court -1 male in position WA or C or WD

1 Defense - 1 male in position GD or GK

PENALTY: If a team plays a 4th Male at any time during the game then 10 goals will be deducted from that teams score and gifted to the opposition. Only 1 male per team allowed in the goal circle.”

  • No jewellery allowed at all – only Medic Alert bracelets and wedding bands, but they must be fully taped.  All hair attire must be soft and safe. Beads may only be worn if secured TIGHTLY against the head with no movement possible.
  • Fingernails must be below the tip of the finger.​​​​​​​
  • Correct footwear – sneakers only.  No work boots, bare feet, jandals or sand shoes or similar that may slip off.
  • No alcohol, drug or cigarettes are allowed at the courts.  Please advise NCNC immediately if you sight anyone with alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.  Do not wait until the end of the game.
  • Can all teams please supply someone one for the 'bench' to help score and control time if necessary.

  • NCNC are bound to abide by the NZ Health & Safety Regulations.  This includes:
  1. All prams are to be parked at the end of the courts, not between courts.  This is too dangerous.
  2. No wheels are allowed within the court areas – this includes bikes, skateboards, scooters or rollerblades. 
  3. No dogs are allowed.
  • There are four x 10 minute quarters with a 1 minute break between quarters.
  • The game times are controlled by the bell and no injury time is taken.  You stop the play and ask the player to either swap or go off court to address injury and return after a goal is scored.
  • Each team is responsible for their own first aid.  There is ice available in the pavilion at Dudley. or ask Zoe at Mainpower Stadium.
  • All Complaints must be made in writing by emailing​​​​​​​

  • If you are looking for players, head to the 'NCNC Social Indoor Netball' Facebook page, as there are people available.
  1. The Umpires decision is FINAL! - You have full control of the game.
  2. Umpires, If anything is happening or making playing unsafe, you are able to make the judgment to correct the situation.
  3. No abuse is tolerated.  Please warn any player or spectator who is in any way threatening or not playing safe.

If it continues or you have any concerns at any time, please stop the game & approach the NCNC Official’s window for assistance immediately.

    If NCNC do cancel, teams will be emailed and details posted on Facebook & Our Webpage by 4.30pm

NCNC Reserves the right to Ban any player
that is displaying un-sportsmanship behaviour towards Umpires & Players

TWILIGHT UMPIRE DRAW:  ​​​​​​​Monday 4th December 2023

Anna T  @  6.20pm

Belinda O  @  both

Brendon L  @  both

Claudia I  @  6.20pm

Courtenay S  @  both

Courtney D  @  7.15pm

Hannah L  @  6.20pm

Isabella D  @  both

Jenni L  @  both

Jennifer G  @  6.20pm

Keirra M  @  both

Keita H  @  7.15pm

Kirstin G  @  6.20pm

Kristy L  @  both

Leandri D  @  both

Libby M  @  both

Lorraine H  @  both

Melissa M  @  both

Renée E  @  both

Rose H  @  7.15pm

Rose L  @  7.15pm

Savannah C  @  7.15pm

Stacey S  @  6.20pm

Trinity C  @  6.20pm

Vanessa R  @  both


NAME, Phone # & Positions played

Kaelish - GK, GD, WD (poss WA) Ph: 027 845 7621

Carolyne - GA/GS, WD & GD ​​​​​​​Ph: 0273 373 596

Amy - Mid court - 0275 809 547

Kate - GS, but happy anywhere - 027 625 1991​​​​​


TOTAL COST is $500 per TEAM

$100 Deposit due with Registration, to secure your position.  Non-refundable if short notice of withdrawal.

Remaining $400 Due by 2nd OCTOBER 2023

No children playing please, Year 9 (high school) and above only, this is for their safety, as playing adults

Each team to supply their own Bibs (for $50 Bond NCNC can supply a set, to be returned on the last game and be refunded.)

Payment Details for internet Banking:

ANZ -   01 0877 0123728 00, Please insert Team Name as Reference

Season Dates:
Grading: 9th & 16th October
No Netball Labour Weekend: 23rd October
Round 1: 30th October to 18th December (back up)
Round 2: 22 January to 18 March (back up)

Game times: 6.20pm & 7.15pm


UPDATE: We have had 48 teams enter the competition therefore the teams will play a round of 7 games with NO BYES.  We will leave 18 December and 18 march in case of cancellations.