To Foster, Develop and Promote Netball by providing Enjoyment and Recreation for all Participants

Helpers from our Year 3 & 4 Festival Day
on the final day 2023. 

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NCNC futureFerns Years 3 & 4 

The focus for this age group is learning basic skills in a modified game of 5-a-side, using two-thirds of a Netball court.  ANZ futureFERNS Year 3 & 4 is designed to be fast and fun, maximising participation. Five players in each team and rotating positions ensures everyone gets an equal chance to develop their skills.

Played on a Friday afternoon at MainPower Stadium on Coldstream Rd Rangiora

Season starts Friday 3rd May 2024 

Season Finishes Friday 2nd August 2024

PLEASE NOTE: There WILL NO NETBALL ON TFriday 31 May (Kings Birthday) oe 28 June (Matariki).

This is an 8 week programme run in Term 2 followed by two festival days on 26 July and 02 August.

GAME TIMES FOR Year 3 & 4 will be between: 3.40pm to 6.45pm TBC
Round 1:
- finish 
Round 2:  pm - finish
​​​​​​​ Round 3: pm - finish 
Round 4: pm - finish 

Warm up can be completed on the spare space on each court
Teams are to go into an activity to continue to warm up and re-affirm activity from practice.
Then the Kiwi Whistlers are to come out and start the games as per the Round times above. 
The game consists of 4x 8minute quarters, with 2 minute breaks between each quarter.
there is only 7 minutes between the end of one game and the start of the next, so we ask that the team just finished leave the court asap and complete their warm-down and team chat in the spare court space.

REMINDER: Netball NZ Rules, all players available on the day should get a minimum of 50% playing time.

All teams on the first round must supply one adult to help us set up.
All teams on the last round must supply one adult to help us pack up.

All players must register with a Club - Click here to see a list of clubs and contact details.​​​​​​​