To Foster, Develop and Promote Netball by providing Enjoyment and Recreation for all Participants

June 2023 - Tarsh Power - Sefton Netball Club

Volunteer of the Month nominations:

​​​​​​​Emie - Sleeman-Shaw - Sefton

Keri Dunlop - Ashgrove 

Tarsh Power - Sefton

Vickie Bond - NCNC 

Thank you all for all your time and effort you put into making netball great at North Canterbury Netball Centre

May 2023 - Nic Cantell - Central Netball Club

VOLUNTEERS @ North Canterbury Netball Centre

Volunteers are an integral part of netball.

Volunteers help run the programmes, support
​​​​​​​coaches and umpires

Our goal is to have a large group of volunteers to call on who can work together to alternate coverage of the below areas so these can be shared around. There will always be a member of NCNC Managment or support person available to answer any questions and deal with any issues that may arise 

We will work around your commitments. If you have an hour spare on a Friday afternoon or a Saturday we would love to have you as part of our team.

TEAM Sign in & Running the bells for game time

Be the point of call for Teams to sign in  with NCNC in preparation of their Game. 
MPS Cover the Team List Window each Friday from 3.30- approx. 5pm and Saturdays from 8.30am – approx. 3pm

·         Checking in Teams and handing out Team Lists

·         Starting games with the bells

·         Making announcements over loud speaker


Volunteers required to cover the Umpires Window each Saturday from 8.30am – approx. 3pm

·         Checking in Umpires and handing out Scorecards


Volunteers required to help with support of umpires each Saturday from 9am – approx. 3pm

  • This can be as simple as wearing an NCNC vest on sideline, as it seems to keep spectators in check
  • Or, provide assistance to both umpires as queries arrive during the game & check in at quarter time.
  • Or, more intensive, walking alongside umpires to provide one on one support as they learn


Volunteers required to help the Kiwi Whistler trainers each Friday from 3.30- approx. 6.30pm and Saturdays from 9am – approx. 3pm

·         Have a good understanding of umpiring

·         Be encouraging and positive

​​​​​​​If you are interested in volunteering please contact Raewyn on 03 313 1445, or email: